Our Services

Our Services

Within neurological conditions, there is an interruption to the pathways coming from the brain to the rest of the body. This can result in symptoms such as muscle tightness, weakness and poor balance. Neurological Physiotherapy will use certain techniques, treatments and exercise to help rebuild pathways and therefore improve movement and ability.


Within your initial assessment we will discuss your medical condition and how it affects everyday life. We will also carry out a thorough physical assessment, looking at aspects such as muscle strength, joint range and muscle tone. We will also examine more functional tasks such as how you move from sit to stand or how you walk or run. We may also assess different components of your balance, both in sitting and standing.

We will use our assessment to plan your treatment, setting realistic goals that are important to you. We will discuss ways in which you can achieve these goals and how we can fit your plan around your everyday life.

Treatments We Offer

Every client’s needs are individual and their treatments are varied. Treatment plans may include some of the following:

Exercise therapy

As physiotherapists, we have the expertise to teach you specific exercises that will help you manage and improve your symptoms. This could be done in a variety of ways. For example

  • Strengthening of specific muscle groups to improve posture, balance and movement.
  • Specific stretching exercises to improve muscle length and help manage altered muscle tone.
  • Exercises to help improve balance in sitting and standing.
  • Teaching you how to move in a more efficient way during functional tasks for example sit to stand or turning in bed.
  • Re-education of gait to make your walking more efficient.
  • We will often prescribe exercises to do at home. Carrying out a home exercise programme will enable to you to achieve your physiotherapy goals.

Manual Techniques

We often use hands- on treatment to facilitate a more efficient movement pattern, which can improve your ability to carry out everyday activities. We may use soft tissue techniques, stretching or advise on positioning to address muscle imbalance or changes in tone.

Rehabilitation Technologies

We can advise about rehabilitation technologies such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation and orthotics. If this is something that would enhance your rehabilitation, we would be able to assist with this.

Physiotherapy at Home

We understand that it is not always easy for clients to travel. It is also very useful to see clients in their own surroundings, to get a good picture of everyday life. We provide home visits to Dumfries and surrounding area. Please note there is an addtional charge for home visits.

Advice and Goal Setting

Often, advice on specific tasks or how to achieve a certain goal can give people the confidence to move forward. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know our clients and what is important to them. Having a good understanding of what you would like to achieve, will enable us to tailor your physiotherapy and ultimately enable you to achieve your goals.