About Us

Welcome To Positive Steps Physiotherapy

Positive Steps Physiotherapy provides a private specialist neurological physiotherapy service to Dumfries and the surrounding area. Whether you have had a recent diagnosis, or your condition has progressed, we have a variety of expertise that would benefit you.

Our Classes

PD Warrior

PD warrior is a high intensity exercise programme which brings together the latest evidence and is designed to help slow down your Parkinson’s. It involves a thorough assessment and at least 2 individual sessions before taking on the 10 week challenge.

Positive Steps for Parkinson's

This is a low intensity class focused on posture, balance, gait and strength. It includes functional exercise, both in sitting and standing as well as some tai chi to address balance.

PD Power

This is a moderate intensity circuit- based class, focused on balance, strength, posture and coordination. As well as using equipment such as weights and bikes, it also includes some floor work to address postural issues.

Rehabilitation Therapies