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Who are we?

Positive Steps Physiotherapy  provides a private specialist neurological physiotherapy service to Dumfries and the surrounding area. Whether you have had a recent diagnosis, or your condition has progressed, we have a variety of expertise that would benefit you.

What is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological Physiotherapy is important in the rehabilitation and management of many neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Injury.

A specialist neurological physiotherapist will help address issues such as

  • changes in muscle length and tone
  • reduced strength
  • difficulties with balance
  • difficulties with walking

Physiotherapy can help regain your strength, restore movement and increase your confidence, empowering you to achieve goals that are important to you.  We will carry out a thorough assessment of your needs and discuss what you would like to achieve through physiotherapy.

We have worked with clients with a wide range of neurological conditions and we understand the complexities that can arise in the rehabilitation journey.

Positive Steps Physiotherapy is based at Solway House, within the beautiful grounds of the Crichton, Dumfries.

We can also provide our physiotherapy service in a venue that is suitable to you including your own home, local gym facility or in a care home. We understand the importance of working closely with clients, their family and carers to empower them to achieve their goals.


Conditions we treat are:

As well as seeing clients on a one to one basis we run several exercise classes. Exercising in a group has been shown to increase compliance and fitness. Our clients really feel the value of exercising in this way.

Working with Positive Steps Physiotherapy will allow you to accomplish your personal goals and return to activities you enjoy!