Fees and Charges

Initial Consultation- £65

Within this consultation we will discuss your medical condition and how it affects you within your everyday life. We will also carry out a thorough physical assessment, looking at aspects such as muscle strength, joint range, walking and balance. We will then discuss what you are hoping to achieve through physiotherapy. Working towards goals that are important to you are key to success.

Follow-up consultation -£55

Follow-up consultation may include treatments such as:

Exercise therapy:

As physiotherapist, we have the expertise to teach you specific exercises that will help you manage and improve your symptoms. This could be specific exercise to achieve a functional goal, stretching or strengthening a specific muscle groups or exercises to improve balance or fitness. We will often prescribe exercises to do at home. Carrying out a home exercise programme will enable to you to achieve your physiotherapy goals.

Manual techniques:

We may use some hands- on treatment to facilitate muscle length and joint range as well as help you to correct altered movement patterns.


We provide acupuncture as an adjunct to other physiotherapy treatments to help with the treatment of pain and inflammation.

Advice and Goal setting:

Often advice on specific tasks or how to achieve a certain goal can give people the confidence to move forward. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know our clients and what is important to them. Having a good understanding of what you would like to achieve, will enable us to tailor your physiotherapy and ultimately empower you to achieve your goals.

PD Warrior programme:

Initial Assessment – £65  – this will include a discussion of your Parkinson’s, a physical assessment which will look at how you are moving, walking and balance. We will also discuss goals and cover some of the aspects of the PD warrior programme.

Follow-up assessments – £55 – during these sessions we will continue with education of the PD warrior principles and work through an exercise programme.

Within the PD warrior programme, we usually see clients for at least 3 individual sessions before they then take on the 10- week challenge. The 10- week challenge involves carrying out a home exercise programme everyday over the 10 weeks as well as attending the weekly support. We then carry out an individual session at the end of the 10 weeks, to re- assess and set further goals from there. A lot of our clients see great results with this programme and find the combination of the weekly classes and the individual sessions help them fight their symptoms of parkinson’s

PD warrior class fees:

10 week challenge £75 for 10 classes.

8 week block £60

Pay as you go £9

PD Power and Positive Steps for Parkinson’s:

Pre class assessment – £35: brief discussion of your medical history and an assessment of balance and walking.

Please note that PD power and Positive Steps for Parkinson’s are both supported by the Dumfries Parkinson’s Branch. For each class there is a suggested donation of £5